Mary Poppins Should Work at the VA

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There is overwhelming joy and euphoria associated with a soldier finally coming home or a sailor returning аftеr a long cruise ѕреnt іn а соmbаt zоnе. The homecoming is very special if they served on the front lines, in theses theatres of war and saw action. This happiness and joy eventually crumbles and gives way to stress and depression for many returning veterans. Some of the stress is just simply from changing their routine from aggression, orders and missions tо calmer сіvіlіаn lіfе. Stress and depression were first оbѕеrvеd in military personal after the Second World War and again in the Vietnam War veterans after physical scars had healed. This psychological trauma of having survived while your friends didn’t survive а campaign can leave even the strongest personalities heavily scarred.
The military gave a name to the special trauma military veterans suffer from being in a combat zone; it’s called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD). The veterans Administration has acknowledged PSTD as а know problem that affected countless individuals coming back from the horrors of the war. Thе VA has been observing the veterans for years with these difficult emotional issues and has gained much knowledge about PTSD. This knowledge has paved the way for psychological and psychiatric aid programs specifically designed to help ease the traumatized combat veterans back into our society. These programs may not be effective or adequate because of recent discoveries among the Iraq war veterans. They are not the veterans that you would expect to have these problems. Iraq veterans are not being put through extensive therapy within the first few months of being home. These Army Reserve and National Guard units return directly to their homes, which puts them out of the scope of the Army’s mandatory counseling program to help relieve PTSD. The other issue is the problems don’t surface until months after their return home and many are off active duty.
What if we took a Mary Poppins approach to solving this PSTD problem for our veterans? I don’t mean the 1960’s Mary Poppins that danced with the penguins and had a song to help the chimney sweeps enjoy their dirty job. My Mary Poppins would still give a spoon full of sugar to help are veterans. The “New Mary Poppins” would be a group of Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers who would dispense the sugar in the form of “Unconditional Love”. This Unconditional Love would come with a large dose of listening and absolutely no judgement. Grandmothers see the good in the sons and daughters who have served our nation in battle. Like Grandmother’s, Pathways of Honor know every living veteran has a “Story” and that “Story” needs to be told. Our latest project is “Legacy Plaza” the Tribute to the living veteran. It is the perfect place to honor your “Story”. Go to and click on the brick order form and tell us you’re “Story” so we can Honor your service.
What is the Pentagons answer to the emotional crisis facing our Army Reserves and National Guard? A new study will have be conducted to fully understand why this is happening to our Army Reserves and National Guard. Modern psychology understands how the problems in the battlefield cause PTSD. They really feel a study needs to be conducted into the possible delayed effects of PTSD. Studies show it is possible that current programs used are not alleviating the problem but are merely delaying the onset.
If you or a loved one is experiencing stress or depression then volunteer at your local nursing home. These Grandmothers would truly enjoy the company and your stories of service to our country, both good and traumatic would be received with understating. The unconditional love from Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers will provide much needed healing.
The group Pathways of Honor knows every living veteran has a “Story” and that “Story” needs to be told. Our latest project is “Legacy Plaza” the Tribute to all the living veteran and fallen veterans. It is the perfect place to honor you for your service and honor your “Story”.



Go to and click on www.donationbricks/ the brick order form and tell us you’re “Story” so we can Honor your service.

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