Remington Raider

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It’s May, and on Memorial Day we will pay tribute to those military members who died in service to this Nation. It’s also my anniversary month in the Air Force, and by the end of it, I will have served 29 years. A long career serving, but not “heroic” in any way; however, between the holiday and my anniversary date, I’m reminded of a lesson I learned a long time ago that I would like to share with those Veterans who continue to serve this nation in VA.


My father, an Air Force and Korean War Veteran, lied to me when I was a kid. Well, it was more of an exaggeration of the facts. Maybe he was trying to be funny. He had a fun sense of humor. Or maybe he was a little embarrassed at the time. I was probably in second grade when I asked my dad what his job had been in the war. I had seen black and white photos of him posing in the middle of a wintry U.S. compound in Korea in his long overcoat and helmet as he shouldered an M-1 rifle. It all looked pretty cool to me. His reply was that he was a “Remington Raider.” I didn’t know what that meant. He didn’t go into any detail. I just knew Remington was a brand of weapon, and a raider was one of those guys in the movies who were always part of a smaller unit swiftly attacking an enemy.


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