Honoring Veterans is Good for America

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Everyone who puts on a uniform in defense of our nation needs to be honored for their service. You give up years of your life for our nation’s defense and should be honored for sharing your valuable time for America.

Currently you now have to volunteer to join our military but not long ago young men were drafted into the service of our country. There was a movie and television show called M.A.S.H which is short for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. Everyone was drafted into military service including the doctors and surgeons who grumbled about being in the Army. What the show revealed was a team made up from all kinds of jobs in the unit that had one goal, to help the sick and wounded.

Everyone in that M.A.S.H. Unit was a hero and those are the brave service members we want to honor in the Legacy Plaza. In the video above we show jobs for pilots to paratroopers, rescue divers, technicians, medical teams all who deserve to be honored in Legacy Plaza. Honoring Veterans is good for America and you personally.


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