Who are the Heroes?

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Rambo is a term that has become synonymous with gung-ho action by a person and word that is used to denote military or individual aggression. Rambo іѕ аlѕо uѕеd tо rеfеr tо а реrѕоn whо іѕ hеrоіс, but сараblе оf реrреtrаtіng еxtrеmе vіоlеnсе. This character came from a book written by author David Morrell called “First Blood”. The book was written about John James Rambo, a member of the elite U.S. Army Green Berets.

The movie “Green Berets” starring John Wayne was about the deployment of the Green Berets to South Vietnam to train the Vietnamese Army to fight the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army. The movie showed how highly trained the Green Berets were in guerrilla tactics and jungle warfare strategy which predated the book.

In the 1982 movie adaption of the book “First Blood” Rambo is one of these Green Berets, but on steroids. Because of his superior training he is indestructible while defeating the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese. He was captured by the North Vietnamese and becomes a Prisoner of War (POW). As a POW, Rambo suffers extreme episodes of physical and mental torment at the hands of his captors. After six months of a living hell in the infamous North Vietnamese POW camps he was able to escape and was found by the Americans and sent home to recuperate.

Now let’s wind the clock backwards to World War 2 and the war in Europe, where we find a young infantryman named Audie Murphy. This infantryman was the most highly decorate soldier in all of the U.S. Military. Unlike the fictional character Rambo that Hollywood portrays as a super fighter. Audie Murphy was a regular soldier that was put in a situation where he performed beyond any normal person. He was also received military honors from many of our allies in WW2.

I have introduced you to a Hollywood fictional hero and a real life battle hero. What has to happen in order for either of these soldiers to be able to confront the enemy? They have to be touched by dozens of others because everyone in the military has to be trained. My point is that many service men and women are required to put one infantryman on the ground, one pilot in the air and one ship on the sea.

Who are the heroes? If you put on a uniform in the defense our nation, you are one of these heroes. In order to be successful in battle our nation had to find these “Committed Heroes”. These Committed Heroes have to put moving puzzle parts together to build an Army, Navy or Air Force. Each of these departments are limited by themselves in what they can accomplish, so in order to build a campaign all of the branches of service need to work together. These uncelebrated but Committed Heroes work out the problems of combining the branches until success is achieved.

It is time for these Committed Heroes to be recognized for their service to our nation. A non-profit organization has been started called Pathways of Honor (POH) to find ways to honor these Committed Heroes. The POH group currently wants to get as many stories from our living veterans to put in our new Legacy Plaza tribute. We are encouraging our living veterans to tell their stories of service, even if they think it was Boring. We have to pass on your stories to future generations letting them know how important your Legacy of service helped our nation.

Go to www.pathwaysofhonor.com to see how your service to our country can be honored.

The veteran’s commitment to their jobs while serving in our nation’s defense has kept foreign invaders out of America.

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