Step Up America

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Step Up America. It is time to bring them home. It is time to honor them for serving your country. During the era when this group served your country was in turmoil. This group of veterans was blamed for the nation’s unrest.

Step Up America it is time to Welcome Home Our Vietnam Veterans. To this group of veterans service to our nation was part of the job. When you say “Thank You for Your Service” or “Proud of your Service” we appreciate the nice comments which help heal the wounds of rejection by our nation.

Now is the time for America to Step Up and Welcome Home our sons and daughters. If you have a family member, friend or coworker that is a Vietnam Veteran you need to Stand Up and sponsor a Welcome Home Brick to be placed in the Legacy Plaza Tribute.

Welcome Home is the proper way to acknowledge a Vietnam Veteran.

Do your part and sponsor a Welcome Home brick by going to and design and order a Welcome Home Brick for your favorite Vietnam Veteran.

You can also bring these veterans home by going to click on the donate now button.

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